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Christian Coleman Laser-Focused on 100m Dash at IAAF World Championships

This season, Christian Coleman has run 48 separate races over the course of both the indoor and outdoor track seasons. Coleman has put an immense amount of pressure on his body, which is something that should be closely monitored as a professional athlete.

In an effort to produce the most favorable outcome at this years World Championships, Coleman along with his team, Coach Tim Hall and HSI Sports Management, have decided that it is best to bow out of the World Championship 200m dash, so that he can best prepare his mind, body, and soul for the 100m dash. At World Championships, Coleman’s competitors will likely include a field of sprinters with world-leading times and veteran athletes. All of whom have run far fewer races than Coleman this season.

In the weeks leading up to World Championships, Christian will be doing some fine-tuning in perfecting his 100m dash mechanics in order to place him in the best position to succeed. Continue to follow his success at his own Instagram handle, @_coleman2 and HSInternational Sports Management’s Instagram handle, @hsisports.




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