Our mission is to service our clients in the best possible way so that they can focus on what they do best, perform. We do not focus on representing a large client base. Instead, we strive to represent the best athletes and coaches in the industry. Doing this has allowed us to provide customized service to individual clients. All talent is not the same, so the services on will need to be successful will be different from the rest

    HSI Legends

  • Allen Johnson (110mH)
  • Anju Bobby George (Long Jump)
  • Ato Boldon (100m, 200m)
  • Dawn Harper-Nelson (100mH)
  • David Neville (400m)
  • Hadi Al-Somayli (400mH)
  • Inger Miller (100m, 200m)
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Long Jump, Heptathlon)
  • Jon Drummond (100m, 200m)
  • Kevin Young (400mH)
  • LaTavia Thomas (800m)
  • Lawrence Johnson (Pole Vault)
  • Leonard Scott (60m, 100m)
  • Maurice Greene (100m, 200m)
  • Quincy Watts (400m)
  • Torri Edwards (100m, 200m)
  • Richard Thompson (100m, 200m)
  • Brandon Johnson (800m)
  • Jaysuma Ndure (100m, 200m)
  • Jordan Clarke (Shot Put)